Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Q: Who is considered the invitee?
A: The individual to whom the invitation email is addressed.

Q: What time are the parties?
A: Registration is on Wednesday is 4-7 pm. Thursday night's party will be the traditional ballroom party with coat and tie required for the men and cocktail attire for the women.  Once again it will include the sponsors.  This event will begin at 7 pm and Friday night's gathering will be a poolside party reminiscent of the early days of WOTT.

Q: Where are the parties held?
A: All parties are held at The Houston Racquet Club.

Q: Does the entry fee include my wife/date?
A: Yes, the entry fee covers you AND your wife/date to participate in all the social functions as well as play tennis as outlined in the "Tournament Play" section.

Tournament Dates

Q: What are the dates for 2016?
A: Wednesday, May 4th - Saturday, May 7th

Entry Fees

Q: How much is the entry fee?
A: The entry fee is $450 for a player which includes his/her spouse/date. If you only want to attend the social events and observe the tennis play, the fee is still $450.  You would then be listed as a "Socials Only" participant and this amount covers the invitee and their spouse/date.

Q: Where do I mail my entry check?
A: It is preferred that payment be made online but if you must pay by check, please mail your entry check to:
World Oilman's Tennis Tournament
c/o Denise Kirby
7903 Fall Hollow Drive
Houston, TX 77041

On-Line Registration

All registrations are done on-line. Follow the registration prompts to get completely registered. Payment may be made by Master Card, VISA or American Express. Security issues are addressed once the lock is displayed on the page. Please review these pages for your assurance.

Q: Is there an extension on the March 31st deadline?
A: There will not be an extension on the deadline unless the tournament is not completely filled. Please note that each year we have more players requesting to participate than can be accommodated. Excess entrants will be placed on a stand-by list until an opening is available.

Q: What if I don't register by the March 31st deadline?
A: Due to the large number of requests for invitations we receive each year and the amount of players we can reasonably accommodate in the Tournament, we have to limit the number of players. Therefore, entrants will be served on a first come, first serve basis. If you are not registered by the deadline, you will be placed on a stand-by list and notified of entrance by a confirmation letter sent by email, once an opening has become available.

Q: How do I know I am entered in the Tournament?
A: Each confirmed entrant will receive a confirmation letter by email. You are not guaranteed a place in the tournament until you receive the confirmation letter by email. Additionally, you will be notified once you sign-on the website when your confirmation letter has been emailed. Just check back with us periodically.


Q: When is registration?
A: Wednesday, May 4th from 4-7pm

Q: If I can't make Wednesday's registration, what are my alternatives?
A: You must have someone register for you. There will be no late registration on Thursday morning.


Q: What social events are planned for this year?
A: There will be a Thursday night ballroom party including the sponsors and Friday will be a "casual" pool-side party. This information will also be in your confirmation letter.


Q: Do I have to wear a coat and tie on Thursday poolside party?
A:Traditionally this party was black tie, however this year we are just requiring a coat and tie for the men and cocktail attire for the women.  Some of the Board members may be in a tuxedo.

Q: What does the tournament board consider "casual"?
A: Casual attire refers to casual or sports clothing in good taste.

Tournament Play

Q: I notice there is more than one event to choose from. In how many events am I able to participate?
A: The Tournament allows invitees to register for two events only. Either Doubles and Scrambles or WOTT Mixed Doubles. Spouses are limited to WOTT Mixed Doubles.

Q: What is WOTT Mixed Doubles?
A: Beginning in 1999, WOTT opened the Husband/Wife Event to allow the pairing of a husband or wife with another invitee's husband or wife. For example, Mrs. Smith would like to play in the WOTT Mixed Doubles, however, she does not wish to be paired with her husband. In the past, Mrs. Smith would not have had another opportunity to play. However now, Mrs. Smith can be paired with Mr. Jones (an invitee). Participants should note that it is the responsibility of the invitee to designate their partner on their entry form. The Tournament Committee may NOT be able to assist you in the selection of a WOTT Mixed Doubles partner. Invitees may play in the Mixed Doubles with their spouse, the spouse of another invitee, OR an Outside Mixed Partner.

Q: What is an Outside Mixed Partner?
A: The "WOTT Mixed Doubles" event will be observing the following rules/qualifications:

Q: My wife would like to participate in the Tournament. Are there any ladies events?
A: Wives of invitees are encouraged to participate in the WOTT Mixed Doubles. This event allows the spouse of an invitee to pair with the spouse of another invitee. For example, if Mr. Smith is invited and his wife would like to play, she can register to play with either Mr. Smith or seek out an interested invitee who is registered to play in the tournament.


Q: How many years can I register to play with the same Main Doubles Partner?
A: The WOTT Board requests that participants change partners if you have played with the same partner for the last two years.

Hotel Information

Q: I am traveling from out of town. Can you recommend a hotel?
A: A list of hotels can be found under "
Hotels" in the "Players Area".

Sponsorship Information

Q: How do I become a sponsor?
A: You can become a sponsor by either marking the "I would like to sponsor" box during your on-line registration or by emailing
Darin Zanovich or Denise Kirby and requesting further sponsorship information.

Q: Is the entry fee still applicable if I am a sponsor?
A: Yes. We value the participation of our sponsors and recognize their contribution to the success of the tournament. Sponsor fees, however, are allocated to specific items such as player shirts, bags, etc. while entry fees cover Tournament play and social events for the Tournament. Both sponsor and entry fees are vital components to the success of the Tournament.

Q: What are the specific sponsorship levels?
A:Sponsorship levels are:
    Regular Sponsor ($450+)
    Special Sponsor ($1,000+)
    Wimbledon Sponsor ($2,500+)
    Davis Cup Sponsor ($5,000+)
    U.S. Open Sponsor ($7,500+)
    Grand Slam Sponsor ($10,000+)

Special privileges are afforded sponsors, so please contact the Finance Committee, Darin Zanovich or Denise Kirby, for further information.

Q: Where do I mail my sponsorship payment?
A: You can mail your sponsorship payment to:
World Oilman's Tennis Tournament
c/o Denise Kirby

7903 Fall Hollow Drive
Houston, TX 77041


Please email Denise Kirby if you would like to know more.


Q: What if I do not send in a photo with my entry fee?
A: The WOTT encourages all participants to include current photos of both player and spouse. Photos are placed in the WOTT Directory which proves to be a valuable networking tool. If you are not able to provide a photo at the time you register on-line, please be sure to get them to K. C. Weiner at or Vicki Sterquell asap. Please put the names of the parties whose pictures are attached in the subject line of emails and begin with the word WOTTPIC followed by the year then the parties names (e.g., WOTPIC12 Player Name). We have lost a few emailed pictures to spam and accidental deletion due to lack of subject information. Digital photos in the .tiff, .gif or .jpeg format with at least 150 dpi and at least 1" by 2" are ideal. Of course, regular photos will be accepted as well and may be mailed to K.C. Weiner at Texas Crude Energy, Inc., 2803 Buffalo Speedway, Houston, TX 77098. In the event you would like to have a photo of a non-spouse included please so specify.

We continue to make a special effort to update the WOTT photo directory. Our goal is to be able to include a current photo for EVERY participant and EVERY sponsor. If you do not have a current photo in the directory and are unable to obtain one prior to the start of the tournament, please stop by one of the photo booths that will be set up during registration and tournament play.


Q: Are pets allowed at the tournament?
A: The Houston Racquet Club has specific rules regarding no pets on the club grounds.  As we are "guests" at their facility, we are required to abide by their rules while enjoying their amenities, therefore, no pets are allowed during the WOTT tournament.


Q: Are children allowed at the tournament?
A: Once again, as there are no facilities for babysitting, we ask that no children be court side at the tournament.

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